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Turbine a publié sur ses forums le détail concernant les ajouts de l'extension Dragon's Vault. Nous avons ici un menu de choix....

Au programme des améliorations au niveau de la performance de communication entre clients / serveurs, des améliorations d'interfaces, des effets de sorts. Des petites choses ont été corrigées également, par exemple, si le joueur tombe de haut alors qu'il est en ville il ne devrait plus perdre de points de vie. De nouvelles aventures et quêtes sont prévues. Les monstres seront plus intelligents (par exemple ils lanceront des sorts avec plus d'efficacité pour protéger leurs alliés) et pleins de bonnes choses (items, monstres, sorts, joueurs, NPC, améliorations diverses pour les sorts notamment et l'interface), bref, un  menu 4 étoiles :)

Je vous propose de lire la note complète à ce sujet :


  • Players should no longer receive falling damage when they are simply walking along minding their own business.
  • We have implemented another batch of changes that should help with dialup performance.

UI Improvements
  • Weapon Sets shortcuts are now in! You can now set up a single item shortcut to point to both a main weapon and off-hand item. So, for example, you can now equip two daggers, or a sword and a shield – all with one shortcut. Simply drag two different items into the “weapon sets” panel in your inventory panel to create a single shortcut for two items. Now use that shortcut in your shortcut bar to equip the two items.
  • Potion and Scroll icons all now have a mini-spell icon in their upper left corner (just like wands) to help identify what spell the item casts. Say goodbye to the “I have ten different potions and all of them are blue!” problem.
  • The enter key will now correctly activate the chat text entry field.
  • There is a new (and louder) sound when you receive a tell.
  • You now receive a message in chat when one of your friends goes online or offline.
  • The Guild list now properly updates members' online status.

Examination Issues
  • Many spells should now have their damage ranges and bonus types displayed when examined. This is part of an ongoing effort on our part to provide more detailed spell descriptions.
  • Weapons, Shields, and Armor now display their proficiency requirement when examined.
  • The descriptions of many items have been improved.

  • Improved Feint now works as an instant AoE bluff, performing bluff checks to all nearby targets. Bluffed targets are open to sneak attack attempts.
  • Sneak attack bonuses no longer apply to glancing blows since a sneak attack is intended to be a targeted attack and should not apply to collateral damage.
  • You can now shield bash if you have a shield and thrown weapon equipped, instead of queuing up a thrown attack for when you release the block button.

Quest Mechanics
  • A few different bugs with Encounter XP have been fixed
    - Higher level encounters are now worth more XP than lower level encounters.
    - Certain areas had a bug where their encounters were worth zero XP.This has now been fixed.
  • If you are 5 levels or more below the max level of someone in your Party, you will see reduced XP, culminating in potentially zero XP.
  • Character files now automatically save after completing a quest and earning XP, or after receiving a quest reward.

  • Several adventure areas have had their treasure tables adjusted to be more in-line with their level of difficulty.
  • Small changes have been made throughout the world to help prevent pathing issues.
  • Numerous broken traps and control boxes have been fixed.
  • Completing an adventure while at the XP cap will no longer count towards that adventure’s repetition count (even if you are carrying a death penalty).

Character Abilities and Spells
  • We have made improvements to many of the spell effects. Also, many player-cast spells now contain inherent lighting cast a fireball and you will see the difference.
  • Flaming Sphere and Lightning bolt have been changed so that they do more damage. Previously, if monsters were standing in a line the spell would hit the monster at the head of the line and then stop. Now the spells will travel down the whole line of monsters with a chance to do damage to any monster it hits.

  • Flesh to Stone is now permanent but, like Hold Person, now grants periodic saving throws to end the effect. Break Enchantment will still remove this status effect. Characters with high Fortitude saving throws will find the average duration lower than before. Characters with low Fortitude saving throws may hope for some good rolls.
  • All undead will now properly react to Turn Undead. Turned undead will now properly flee in terror from the cleric or paladin that turns them rather than cower, rebuked.
  • When resting, Warforged should now heal at least one point of ability damage, regardless of their repair score.
  • We fixed a bug with Fear where it would hit no target if no target was selected. It now correctly has a cone radius for its effect, even with no target selected.

  • Many monsters will now heal and buff themselves and their friends more effectively.
  • Monsters should now react more intelligently to inanimate obstacles that are preventing them from moving where they desire, with a greatly increased chance of being able to navigate around objects that may have been impassable barriers to them before. We have also improved monster targeting behavior in doorways and other bottlenecks, as well as their behavior landscape and dungeon areas.
  • Charmed monsters should attack enemy creatures more reliably.
  • Monsters should no longer clump up into a mob when encountered in large numbers.

  • When you loot an item from a chest, a message is sent to everyone in the Party.
  • Banishing effects will now only work on critical hits.
  • When picking up a Bind on Acquire item that is not reserved (for example, in a treasure chest from which only 1 pull for the Party is possible), there is a confirmation dialogue box opened.
  • Wands found in treasure chests now start with a random number of charges instead of fixed number of charges. This change does not affect wands purchased from vendors.
  • Level 4 Bard components have been added to Arcane Reagent vendors in Kundarak and Jorasco.
  • Named docents have had their durability increased.
  • Previously items could be generated from chests that had both a temporary damage amplification and an inherent spell effect. This has been corrected and all items should now have only one effect or the other.
  • Magical Shields no longer add their enhancement bonus to attack and damage rolls for the shield, they only apply to your AC bonus per D&D rules.
  • Three new weapon effects added to treasure generation system – True LAW, True Chaos, and Pure Good. Each of these effects gives the weapon an additional 1d6 damage versus non-aligned targets, and requires the wielder to have that alignment. UMD skill of 20 to bypass the alignment requirements.

  • Lowest level pawnbrokers have been moved to the Marketplace.
  • Merchant names are now visible in the Marketplace tent.
  • Pawnbrokers have also had their dialogue tweaked to be slightly more useful.
  • The Harbor weapons vendors now carry Exotic weapons.
Source : http://www.ddo.com/forums/showthread.php?t=21545

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