Note de version du 12 Avril 2006

Vous l'avez peut être vu hier, les serveurs étaient en maintenance pendant une bonne partie de la matinée. Vous n'avez pas pu jouer quelle tristesse...Réjouissez vous, c'était pour la bonne cause, mais que s'est il passé pendant la mise à jour ? Regardons cela de plus près....

La mise à jour effectuée hier entre 9h00 et 12h00 s'est bien passée. Voici les nouveautés qu'apporte ce patch, vous allez voir que certains bugs génants ont été corrigés pour le plus grand bonheur des joueurs.

La version traduite est consultable sur le forum.

Players “Stuck” in parties/unable to log out or disband:

Resetting preferences:

Fixed a bug where user preferences were resetting on logout


Fault tolerance has been improved in Party Chat and improvements to Guild Chat where a player may not have received their Guild Data from the Manager that would cause it to silently fail out, and the player to never join a guild chat room.

Fixed Guild "last on" indicators

FIX for /t and /g was not working
Also fixes problem when setting outgoing message to Guild.

- /t and /g will now work again!

- Setting your out going message type to "guild" will no longer generate the error "no such command."

LFG Panel has class icons again!


DeathPenalty Reversion
Max level 10 death penalty is now 500 rather than 2500.

Character Deletion

When you attempt to delete a character, you will now get a confirmation dialog that asks you to type in the character's first name before it will allow you to delete the character.

Guard Healfdene didn’t always let players back into Newbie Harbor

Due to a scripting error, Guard Healfdene was formerly able to get "stuck" on a dialog after the player started Baudry Cartamon's quest, now fixed.

Northern Ruins

Missing Expedition: Chest targetable as enemy. Chest is no longer targetable.

Players can "use up" the XP in the game at max level

If a player is at the XP cap (currently 549,999 XP) then any adventures she completes past that point will not count towards the repetition penalty. This way, there is no way for a player to "use up" the XP in the game because of the XP cap.

Clan Tunnelworm Prison: Not all players get credit for completion

Removed the objective to gather the party at the prison exit. All players should now get their XP and quest updates when they kill the Interrogator.

Eyegouger's Basement - Warder's Defense -

There have been reports that the final scorpion was not always re-spawning on occasion. This makes the quest un-completable. Changed the way the scorpions spawn. They now spawn at seconds 0, 15, and 30

Players cannot complete adventure: quest items get deleted when players go link dead

Item CDBs: Quest items which are "Drop on Exit Module" cannot also be "Bind on Acquire"

Quest items (items you need to complete a particular quest) have been fixed.

- some quest items would be destroyed if you logged out or went link dead while carrying the item.
- other quest items would not drop to the ground properly when you left the adventure.

Now, quest items should always properly drop from your inventory onto the ground when you leave an adventure, logout, or go link dead. This way, your fellow adventurers can pick up the item, and continue on to finish the adventure without you. Note: You can also pick up the item again yourself if you reenter the adventure.

Kidnapper's Refuge: Server crash locks quest
Fixes a rare and obscure bug where a player can get locked out of an adventure forever.

Lost Seekers

Fixed a bug where resetting this quest also reset market access

Whilst we prepare Module 1 for release we felt these issues needed dealing with and pulled them forward. Module 1 is nearly here though. It will be with you ASAP

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